International dog-show in Riga, Latvia - "ZOOEKSPO-2008"; judge - Claudio de Guliani (Italy)

  • Creme de la Creme Harizma (Ohotnichyi Azart Uspeh x Artemida Dream Land) - very perspective. Best puppy of breed!

  • Hassini Rus Rogoz (Aldo Ernety-Czech x Hassini Rus Kurkuma) - very good

We have new animals in our kennel:

The large, tender, healthy boy of chocolate colour. Since spring of 2009 waits for brides

Spermophilus citellus - Dusya!

couple of Mosaic canaries

couple of Coturnix chinensisin our kennel - it's a miniature birds - just 11-12cm!!!

We have 2 new female rabbits in our kennel - Bonya and Matilda




New Guinea pigs "skinni" in our kennel - Beliy Bentli and Bumer Cherniy

Beliy Bentli

Bumer Cherniy

PEATURUS BREVICEPS - SUGAR POSSUMS - female Tutsi and male Solomon will live in our house

Brilliant Turtle-doves will live in our house


International dog-show in Tallnii, Estonia; judge - JUTA HARANEN, Estonia

we have new fretka - Sonya

we have new guinea pigs- 4 pigs: 2 "Swiss Teddy" pigs (male Terikeste Shagan and female Terikeste Tsiana ), and 2 "Skinni" pigs (females Irma Alfa Romeo and Irma Alenkiy Tsvetochek)

Terikeste Shagan

Terikeste Tsiana

Alfa Romeo

Alen'kiy Tsvetochek

Speciality dog-show in Tallinn, Estonia; judge - Peter Ammann

  • (Kerolain Ydgel Wunderkind x Sweet Surprise for Rus Kerol Arlet) - excellent, jCAC, BOO!